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Quality Care

A home like no other.

It is important for seniors and their families to be knowledgeable about the care services offered at their home of choice. However, we believe it is equally important for you to know about the facility itself. In designing our facility, we took time to truly contemplate the meaning of home. For us, it’s a place where we can relax and enjoy the day at our own pace, where we can be private or socially active. In short, home is where we feel most comfortable, secure and where all of our needs are met.

When it comes to feeling good at home, privacy and comfort make all the difference. Our large rooms are designed with the comfort of residents in mind and provide plenty of space for their belongings. Larger spaces also allow for care staff to more easily provide support when necessary. Many rooms boast beautiful views of the well-appointed gardens and views of beautiful St. John’s east. 

Each of the care units are designed as individual self-contained neighbourhoods, complete with a kitchen, dining room and lounge/recreation space. You can be assured that your loved one will be comfortable in their new living space at Chancellor Park.

“ Let us take care of the young for they have a long ways to go. Let us take care of the elderly for they have travelled far. ”

Nelson Mandela

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Resident Centered Care

Chancellor Park’s experienced interdisciplinary care team provides level 3 and 4 care for residents at all levels of cognitive function, residents at the end stages of dementia with exit seeking behaviours, and residents with complex medical needs. This care is provided in an inclusive and multicultural environment where resident needs are individualized, and where both resident and family input is welcomed and respected.

Our Clinical/
Medical Team

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Our experienced clinical team includes Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Managers, Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Personal Care Attendants, Social Workers, Dietitians, Pharmacists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Infection Prevention and Management Nurses, Wound Management Nurses and an Advanced Foot Care Nurse.

This array of professional staff provides our residents and their families with a sense of comfort, safety and wellbeing. A registered nurse is available 24 hours a day, as well as 24/7 emergency support. Our medical team has strong linkages with other care providers in the community, which enables us to maintain a continuum of care across all health services. When health services are necessary outside of our care community, we make sure all necessary arrangements are made, including transportation to and from the care location. And you can rest assured, knowing that a familiar member of our team will be there with your loved one when family is unavailable. They will never be alone!


Individualized Assessment & Care Planning

No two of our residents are alike, and neither are their care plans. Upon admission, all Chancellor Park residents undergo an individualized assessment to determine their unique care needs. Once the assessment is complete, a comprehensive care plan is put on file and administered by our professional interdisciplinary health care team.

Respite Care

Chancellor Park realizes that not all care is required to be performed in a continuing care facility. However, we do understand that caring for a loved one at home can be stressful at times for both the care provider and their loved one. That is why Chancellor Park has a respite care program that can assist caregivers by admitting their loved ones for a short stay to avail of our services.

Palliative/End-of-Life Care

One of our primary goals at Chancellor Park is to provide a home where our residents 
feel comfortable, safe and cared for. During the end stages of life, our residents and their families will continue to receive this quality service delivery through our Palliative/End-of-Life Care Program. During this time, ensuring our residents and their families feel supported in a comfortable familiar environment is of the utmost importance to us. Seniors and families living in the community are also welcomed to come to Chancellor Park to be supported by the Palliative/End-of-Life Care Program.

Rehabilitation & Restorative Care

Chancellor Park’s experienced medical and clinical teams effectively support residents with rehab and restorative care needs. Whether it is reducing the impact of osteoporosis or managing the progression of dementia or the need for post-surgical support, our team will implement a personalized plan of care with tailored goals and objectives to address our residents’ priorities. This supportive program is available to seniors and families in the community, getting them up on their feet and back home as soon as possible

Skin & Wound Management Program

Whether you are one of our residents at Chancellor Park or living in the community and require a short stay, our wound management program can meet your specific wound care needs. Chancellor Park has a Wound Care Nurse who uses industry-approved tools to complete a comprehensive wound assessment. In collaboration with members of our care team, this assessment lays the foundation for specific strategies for wound healing, for each individual. Chancellor Parks’ comprehensive approach to wound healing has proven successful and receives quality monitoring each step of the way.

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Support Services

Our professional staff at Chancellor Park is complemented by the dedicated and friendly staff in our Maintenance, Laundry, Dietary, Housekeeping and Financial Services departments. During the first few days, our residents get to know the staff in these parts of our community very well, and these connections are nourished as time goes on. Whether it’s while helping to hang pictures, helping make choices from our menu or unpacking your belongings with you, our friendly staff will want to know all about you and your family.

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Community Groups

Transparency and accountability are integral to ensuring the best experience for our residents. The Chancellor Park Resident Council and Resident Food Committee are just two of the ways that we ensure our resident’s voices are heard. Other groups of note include external community members such as our Quality Council which provides oversight and accountability for quality and safety, our active Family Advisory Council, and an Ethics Committee with an ethicist to provide guidance as needed.

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A nourishing diet.

Nothing says ‘home’ like a well-balanced, cooked meal. Quality cuisine is an important aspect of care at Chancellor Park, and our Clinical Dietitian works closely with each resident to ensure their daily diet is tailored to their needs. Whether your loved one requires a diabetic, renal, modified texture or other diet, our in-house Chef’s creations are sure to nourish and satisfy!

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Quality care is just the beginning.

Chancellor Park residents enjoy social activities, quality cuisine, and regular entertainment. Because feeling comfortable in your home is about more than having your medical needs met.

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It’s about the simple pleasures in life.

Family members often notice a positive change in their loved ones once they’ve settled in to their new routine and made friends. It goes to show, regardless of our condition, a little fun goes a long way.