Gloria Parsons portrait

Who We Are

“We’re Family, First.”

It was 1989 when Gloria Parsons, through her deep commitment to her aging mother, saw the opportunity to change the way people live in seniors care. With her extensive experience and national recognition for leadership in residential design for families, Gloria challenged herself to design a facility that would take the institutional look and feeling out of senior care.

Nurse assisting a female resident stand up from a seated position on a sofa.

A New Beginning

In 1993 Phase 1 of Chancellor Park opened, with Gloria’s mother as the first resident. It was criticized by some for going against accepted designs, but was recognized by other leading professionals and organizations throughout North America as being visionary and the future of senior care design. Phase 2 of construction commenced in autumn 1999, before its completion in 2001.


Chancellor Park has since grown to become a nationally accredited organization, leading the way in the Long-Term/Continuing Care sector, and is committed to helping residents live life to the fullest. Our residents, leaders and staff truly respect and appreciate the steadfast determination of her visionary design and execution of a homelike environment for us all to live and work in. 

Gloria’s design is now recognized as best practice when building design and service delivery models for seniors’ care, and she continues to push the industry to create even better standards of care.

To quote an excerpt from our latest accreditation survey report (2019): “The legacy and commitment of the founder is nourished through every action and task of the leaders and caregivers”.

“ Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have. ”

Margaret Mead

Our commitment.

Nurse comforting patient, having a conversation and holding hands. They both are wearing medical masks.

Mission & Vision

Chancellor Park is more than a place to live or work. We are a community of people and friendships whose focus is on living life to the fullest in an environment where residents want to live, and a place where staff enjoy coming to work each day.


Chancellor Park believes in the importance of family and friends in maintaining the well-being of our community and we respect the important role that family and friends play in the lives of our residents. This is why Chancellor Park maintains a very active family council who take part in process and policy development. 

The Chancellor Park organization understands that stress among seniors is very individualized and may increase during significant life changes. In keeping with our beliefs, our open-door visitation policy is meant to welcome and encourage families and friends to visit as often as possible. 


Individualized resident care needs are provided in a safe and friendly environment supported by a professional interdisciplinary care team. The team and resident care is guided by our four core values (CARE.)

Compassion. Accountability. Respect. Excellence.

The CARE factor is at the heart of all we do for our residents. We treat all residents with the compassion and care they deserve. We are an open door organization, operating with transparency and respect for the personal agency of our residents and their families. Our commitment to these values has ensured a standard of excellence at Chancellor Park since opening our doors in 1993.

A Team member happily greets a resident who smiles back.

Our Leadership Team

At Chancellor Park, our strength is our people. Together we share a common drive for excellence, and everyone brings strong skills and experience.

We are an exceptional team of people who work well together and bring expertise in clinical practice, dementia services, human resources, finance, technology, project planning and communication. At Chancellor Park, we value strategic partnerships with those who share our commitment to excellence and our drive to deliver exceptional care & service.