Peace of mind is possible.

A community of care, where your loved one’s needs come first.

Join a community of care.

Join a family of caregivers who strive day in and day out to make sure residents are happy, healthy, and comfortable in their home.

Staying youthful.

Residents have the opportunity to interact with children in our onsite Oak Trees and Acorns Child Care Centre.

Welcome to Chancellor Park.

Chancellor Park is a family-owned, Nationally Accredited Long-Term/Continuing Care Facility, located in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador. For more than 25 years, families from across the province have come to know Chancellor Park’s quality service delivery, which is founded on a resident and family first philosophy. 

Our Long Term Care Facility.

At Chancellor Park, you’ll find a family of caregivers and support workers who work around the clock to ensure each and every resident is as comfortable and content as possible at any given time of day. Whatever level of care your loved one requires; Chancellor Park is waiting to welcome them home. 

Our Seniors Campus

After a quarter-century as a leader in Long-Term/Continuing Care, Chancellor Park is excited to announce our plans to expand our current levels of service. Work is underway on an entirely new Seniors Campus that will complement our current location at Portugal Cove Road. Details will be revealed as plans are further developed, so stay tuned!  

Setting the Standard.

Chancellor Park opened its doors in April of 1993 to mixed reviews. The design of our facility was largely challenged or dismissed for going against the trend for Long-Term/Continuing care at the time. How wrong they were.

Many years later, and now Chancellor Park is considered best practice in not only building design, but in service delivery models for senior’s care as well.

“Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.”

Cecelia Ahern
Latest News

Our Covid-19 Precautions

Our organization continues to be focused on protecting our residents, team members and following our pandemic plan. Our pandemic protocols, guided by public health directives include physical distancing, universal masking, visitor screening, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), additional deep cleaning and disinfecting, and more.

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